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If this is your first time going to Agra, India, we know you will have a magical experience. Below we have provided unbiased reviews on Agra accommodations submitted by travelers like you on Agra star Hotels, Agra Cheap Hotels and Agra Monuments.Please take the time to read the reviews so you can make a more informed decision. Best Regards, Anuj - editor



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  • Taj Mahal : The most popular sightseeing in India.
  • Red Fort : One of the best forts in India bult by Mughals.
  • Fatehpur Sikri : A ghost city which was once capital of Mughals.
  • Buland Darwaza : The gigantic gateway made by Akbar.
  • Sikandra : This is also one of the good historical monument in Agra.
  • Itmad-Ud-Daula : This mausoleum houses the body of Mirza Ghiyas Beg.

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Ami Mintzer,Elqana, Israel --'India in Motion' - New Wonder in Agra
'India in Motion' is a new multi-sensory tourist attraction, which was recently opened in Agra.

'India in Motion' takes the audience on a magical journey through Indian history, culture and sights. Passing through today's India in -or on - a variety of typical vehicles (after all - it's India in motion.), the visitors see the historical events that happened at each site. We see Ashoka's empire being built, the Gupta dynasty creating its cultural masterpieces, and Raja creating his southern-based kingdom, while in the north the Delhi Sultans start to gain power. We see the Mughals building their magnificent palaces, and look at the growing Portuguese and then British influence. We meet Mahatma Gandhi and see how India developed into what it is today: a breathtaking mix of ancient cultures and brand new high-tech companies, tourists and locals, "Bollywood", sky scrapers and a great cultural and theological heritage. The "Smart" Motion Seats and other special effects (such as: rain, win, scents, etc.) make this unique educational experience a real "edutainment" experience, combining the best content, with cutting-edge technology.

The new attraction is located at the newly-opened Adlabs Cinema Complex in TDI Mall (next to Trident Hotel), only 5 minutes away from Taj Mahal.

No visit in Agra is completed without experiencing 'India in Motion'!

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