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Your Guide to Taj Mahal Agra, India

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Recently Taj Mahal topped the list of New Seven Wonders of the world.

So.... visiting the Taj Mahal ? Before that you should know all the facts about Taj Mahal.

The best Time to Visit March to April and October to December. Expectheavy rainfall during monsoon season in July to September. The Taj remains open from 6 am-6 pm everyday except Fridays. Entry fee is Rs.750/- for Foreigners and for indians entry fee is Rs.20/- Children under the age of 12 are free.

Get there as early as possible to beat the crowds, and plan to visit the Taj at least two different times during the day (dusk and dawn are best) in order to experience the full effect of changing sunlight on the amazing building. It is also utterly stunning under a full moon.

There are night viewing sessions on the nights of a full moon and the two days before and after (so five days in total).

Something for History Lovers... An Elegy created in marble"or an "expression of true love", the Taj Mahal was built byEmperor Shah Jahan in the memoryofhis Begum Arjumand Bano better known Mumtaj Mahal. Theconstruction of Taj Mahal wasstarted in 1631AD and completedby the end of 1648AD.

Interesting Facts About the Taj Mahal For seventeen Years , twenty thousand workmen were employed daily. The accomodation of the fellow workers itself created a small town adjucent to the Monument andnamed after the deceaded empressas Mumtazabad, now known as Taj Ganj.

Amanat Khan Shiraji was the calligrapher of Taj Mahal and verses on the tomb stone was designed by Poet Gyassuddin. While the design was given by Ustad Ahmad Lahouri.

Taj Mahal Architecture facts... if anybody wants to know. The Taj stands on a raised square platform with four corners truncated forming an unequal octagen. The interlocking arabesque concept was applied in its creation, whereby each element stand on its own and perfecly integrates with the main structure.

Taj Mahal Stone Carving Taj Mahal Facts - Interesting Facts About Taj Mahal The central dome is fifty eight feet in diameter and rises to a height of 213 feet flanked to its sides by four subsidised domed chamber. The minarets, four in number are 162.5 feet each.

The Mausoleum that houses the grave of Queen Mumtaj is entirely decorated with inlaid design of flowers and calligraphy was done using precious gems like a gate, jasper, Jade and Crystal The archway chiselled with pasages from the Holy Quoran gives it a unique charm and adds to its beauty.

The Taj Mausoleum is a part of a vast complex of palatial buildings comprisingthe main gate, an exquisite garden to the front, a mosque to the left, a guest house to the right and the river yamuna behind it.

Over the years, disabled visitors who came to see the Taj Mahal could only gaze at it from the entrance. Now, they will be able to get a closer and more intimate view of the magnificent monument of love, thanks to the efforts of the authorities. Nine ramps are constructed and 12 wheelchairs are also made available for physically challenged to move conveniently around the Taj complex.

Happy visit to Taj with your love............!

Your Views about Taj mahal, Agra

Zeejoburg , gauteng :“The Highlight of My Holiday In India.”

A definite must see!! One can only appreciate the beauty of this wonderful wonder when seeing it in its original form in agra! Truly breathtaking!! Also on this website i got many interesting Taj Mahal facts.

Coldupnorth1,Vancouver : “Wonder of the world.”

Amazing place to see when your in India. You will never since such a site anywhere. It is hot during the summer so I wouldn't go then. But definatly go here once in your life.

Dslaughts Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom : “St ValentinesDay Treat”. Visited the Taj Mahal with my wife Susan on St Valentines Day 2007 (14th Feb), it is without doubt one of the most fantastic sites that we have ever seen.

As soon as you walk through the archway to the entrance you become totaly captivated from the firs moment you see the Taj Mahal sitting in the sun, you could be forgiven for thinking that this ultimate sign of love could be made of wax and would melt away if you take your eyes off it.

If you vist India make sure you take the time to visit this fantasic sight.

Tania69 Australia : After 5 trips to India and alot of tourists telling me that it wasnt worth the money (US$25), I finally threw caution to the wind and went to visit the most famous monument to love ever built. It was worth it.

From the moment you step through the outer courtyard and get your first glimpse of the infinity pools and the silhouette of the Taj you are dumbstruck by the magnificence of its perfection. The Moghul architecture is symmetrical in every way and the qualtiy of the workmanship beyond compare. The landscaping has been returned to the original condition as designed by Shah Jahan and are also about the cleanest gardens I have seen in India.

Renting a guide makes sense and enhances the experience, but can be offset by the annoyance of the sheer number of them touting for business. Dont make the mistake of buying from the souvenir shops inside the grounds as costs are horrendous. I had heard about the long queues that start at sunrise and continue through the day, but I arrived with the train from Delhi at about 10:00am and waited a total of about 5 minutes to get through security. Sharp items are removed, as there are obviously a number of louts who feel that no place is holy enough to stop them immortalising their stay with a little creative graffitti.

Anyway, sit back, enjoy the view and soak up the history, the beauty and the sheer simplicity that make this place world famous and something to remember until you die.

Vegievan, Manchester : The beautiful Taj Mahal . There are few buildings that evoke such a depth of feeling. Built as an expression of the love that Shah Jahan held for his second wife, Mumptaz Mahal, the beauty of the mausoleum has withstood time and is a true wonder.

The Taj Mahal is much bigger than I imagined. The building centres on the resting place of Mumtaz and Jahan. But the Taj Mahal is itself at the centre of a number of buildings, including a Mosque. The ornate gardens are well maintained and, at the time of my visit, were crowded with visitors, mainly from within India......

Sunny, Ontario Canada : A Life changing experience.I had the honor of spending 3 month in India some years ago, and one memorythat will be with me for the rest of my life was visiting the Taj Mahal......

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